Public Speaking & Coaching Testimonials

Public Speaking

Spiritual Intelligence: Leadership with Wisdom & Compassion
- A 70 minute presentation delivered on March 8, 2017 to 120 members and guests of the Western North Carolina Human Resource Association
View highlights here: Spiritual Intelligence Talk

Barbara, you did an excellent job. First of all, the topic attracted a record number of members! A win from the start. Second, people stayed beyond the ending time. Wow! That has never happened in my experience. And finally, your style is so warm and inviting. People saw SQ in action while they learned how to access it in their own lives and on the job. I can’t express how impressive your presence and this program was for our membership. I will recommend it to the other chapters in my District and State.

- Lynn Brailsford, District Director for the western region of North Carolina for NCSHRM

Cross-cultural Coaching:

Excellent prep for expat assignment! 

– U.S. Vice President, Retail Solutions, Sales & Service for global equipment manufacturer on coaching and training he received before relocating to Belgium on assignment

It is crucial for any expat to receive this training or attend this seminar. 

– Brazilian Manufacturing Engineering Leader for a global engine manufacturer on U.S. cultural coaching and training he received just after relocating to the states on assignment

Business & Career Coaching

I had run my business for five years before I met Barbara.  During those years, I felt I had a good grasp on what it took to push the business forward since we were successful.  Barbara invited me to try coaching risk-free to see if I thought it would be beneficial.  After one meeting, it was clear to me how she could help.  What Barbara brought to the table was structure and accountability.  She didn’t let things slip through the cracks.  At our weekly coaching meetings, there were goals and timelines set and they were expected to be met.  Putting this type of rigor into our business practices paid off immediately.  We were more attentive to market conditions which translated into more clients.  In addition, the improved attention to detail meant better service to our customers, which brought more revenue.  In our first year working with Barbara, we increased our revenue per existing customer by 30% and exceeded our new customer acquisition goals.  We continue to employ her structure in our daily activities.

- Ted Armstrong, President, Solution Creators, Massachusetts

Your coaching style is “coaching by stealth” – you don’t insist, but you come up with great ideas and ask great questions which sort of linger and make you think afterward…As a result of coaching I am much more positive and have a lot more tools to draw on to resolve problems.  I see a bigger picture and don’t feel trapped in my life.  More specifically I found a new career path…

- M.S., Bank Trust Officer, Switzerland        

This process has been incredible.  And here is why - I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. 

- D.K., U.S. Air Force Commander, Colorado

Barbara's coaching gets results. Less than two years ago I hired Barbara to help me decide what kind of work I wanted to be doing. With her coaching I determined exactly what I wanted to do with my life's work and committed my effort and energy to growing a new business. In this time I increased my new clients 60% and more than doubled my revenues. I have also developed a partnership with an existing company to bring in high-end clients, resulting in my single largest contract to date. This growth is a direct result of our coaching together. I have found my calling in life, enjoy more peace-of-mind and continue to fearlessly expand my services and horizons with Barbara's concrete tools and advice. Thanks!

- C. R., Professional Organizer

Barbara did an outstanding job of providing structure and focus around defining my career path. I especially appreciated her use of targeted exercises, emphasis on personal accountability, and evident interest in helping others. She also helped me build trust in the process. I started working with (Management Consulting Co.) in November... It seems with a little trust, I really did end up in a place that reflects my values, gifts, etc. Barbara provided me with skills that I will use throughout my life, not only in my career but in other areas that require major decision-making.

- Lara Kelso, Management Consultant, Arizona

Barbara truly is the best of the best among professional coaches.  Her superb listening skills, keen perception, and willingness to share her vast knowledge in personal development helped me transform my life.  Thanks Barbara for empowering me to realize my GOD given gifts!

- Deborah Butler, Lawyer, Ohio

Getting feedback from Barbara about the issues I deal with on a day-today basis and incorporating them into my career goals was one of the best first steps I could take on the road to becoming successful. She is one of the most “grounded” women I know and her valuable coaching advice allows me to focus, think on my own and progress.

- L.M.S., Consultant, Massachusetts

I don't know what it is about you….but you seem to have the magic touch.  I had the most interesting phone call yesterday (out of the clear blue) from an Insurance Agency Recruiter wanting to discuss a remarkable opportunity for me.  You seem to attract greatness...for yourself and your clients...It inspires me to see someone else find their passion and calling in life....and to be the beneficiary of that passion. So, I don't know exactly what it was you did for me in the last session we had....but, once again, it sparked something great!

- Robyn Lea, Insurance Adjuster, Mississippi

I sought Barbara out as someone who could hold a sacred space for me to listen deeply to where I am in my life right now, help me focus my intentions and gather clarity about where to focus my energies.  I appreciate her ability to listen for the many layers of “me”—spiritual, personal and professional—and help me weave a clearer tapestry of what my life is right now.  From her good questions, her clear framework and her Heartful listening, I am more able to trust my own intuitions and body knowing.  I am not holding back like I have in the past and am trusting the flow in my life more easily.  I am also remembering that I will be met with the resources I need, “that what I am seeking is also seeking me”.  Barbara is a wonderful guide who pulls from many different streams of knowing and intuited skillfully how to meet me and accompany me on this leg of my journey.

- Jeanine Siler Jones, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Asheville, NC

Whew!  It took me a couple of sessions to realize I have all the answers and you were the one shining a mirror back into my soul. Not a small thing…Barbara’s supersonic listening gift and intuitive nature combined with excellent professional skills has helped me shift in so many positive ways.  Her warm, responsive guidance assisted me in getting razor-sharp clarity on my values and how I want to use my gifts in the world.  She helped my feel less fear, more trusting of myself, confident, hopeful, and excited about the future I now plan to create!

- Carol B., Interior Decorator/Jewelry Designer, North Carolina

I definitely benefited from my coaching sessions with you… Now I have a better relationship with money…you have a tremendous ability to sit with others in non-judgment and to help them see themselves more clearly.

- Malaena Del Mar, Teacher & Midwife, California

One of the reasons I chose Barbara as a coach was because, like me, she is a Highly Sensitive Person. This enriched our connection greatly. Also, I chose Barbara for her expertise and interest in international relocation. On that and all other issues, I loved the depth, humanity, sensitivity and caring Barbara brought to our times together. I feel blessed.

- G.K., Artist, Vancouver, B.C. 

Barbara Brady has been very helpful and supportive to me as a coach. I have benefited greatly in our work together. She has a wonderful style and way of being encouraging, respectful, and inspiring, while also being practical and realistic. Barbara has empathy, integrity, and wisdom. She has been generous to me in many ways.

I feel that Barbara sees my strengths and my potential. She believes in me and in my plans and dreams, and she helps me to believe in myself and helps me to believe that I can have what I want. She has also been instrumental in helping me to create what I want in my life.

She recently assisted me in obtaining a great job which consists of various elements of work that I have been wanting to do. This new job is already leading me to new and exciting creative opportunities in my work. And I now make more money than I ever have before (more than double the salary of my last job).

Barbara also contributed to my recent decision to make significant changes in my 15-year partner relationship. These changes are already positively affecting my life, and, I believe, will continue to increase the quality of my life in the future.

I highly recommend Barbara Brady as a coach to anyone who wants to change their life for the better!

- B.M., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Massachusetts 

Barbara was a supportive and creative coach who lead me back to seeing myself as a vital and creative person.  That was a necessary step that allowed me to have the energy to get back to my goals.

- Nan Davis, North Carolina

Thanks for all of you help - I could not have done this without you. You have been a tremendous support in my effort to become a better happier personal trainer and mom - not to mention a saner one.

- Kathleen Ekdahl, Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, Massachusetts