Thinking about relocating?

Make the Right Move Now: Your Personal Relocation Guide is a practical and interactive workbook designed to give you or you and your partner the clarity and confidence you need to find and move to your ideal place now. Through a complete step-by-step process, you will be able to:

* Take an assessment to see if a move is right for you now
* Get clear on what you specifically want in your ideal location
* Recognize and work through any fears that may be keeping you from moving
* Learn how to find the right city or area for you
* Decide among two or more "ideal" spots
* Create a relocation plan that fits your needs
* Glean wisdom from the stories and advice of others who've relocated successfully.

My wife and I found your book to be highly valuable because it made us confront certain aspects of our relocation right off the bat. For instance, we were all gung-ho about moving south, but one of your exercises made us realize that for us, quality of life was not just about cheaper pricing and great surroundings; it meant very little without any of our parents close by. We think this is very important for our daughter, and are now looking for housing in New Jersey that is closer to our parents with plenty of green areas and good schools. Each relocation has its unique characteristics, and your hands-on book allowed us to discover our own needs and solutions. In utilizing your guide I felt we had our own relocation consultant by our side!

Louis Lima, Director of Training and Network Services, Prudential Global Workforce Development, New York

I love the relocation guide, Barbara! First, it helped me visualize more clearly exactly what I want. Then I began to see that I needed a deeper exploration of different places, so that if I chose to move I would know exactly what to look for, based on my most important values and firsthand experience. As a result, I have set up my business schedule differently so that I could travel regularly, and I have visited some really unique places in the last couple of years. In the back of my mind, I have an invisible checklist, helping me decide if I would someday want to live there, and why or why not. My options are continuing to expand, so who knows what I shall find around the next corner. With your guide I got clarity of desire. A precious and priceless experience. Thank you.

Debbie Happy Cohen, America’s Focus Coach and author of Reach YOUR Stars! ™, Florida

Your relocation guidebook helped me realize that I am where I want to be. Most of my life I have moved on average every two years. I was starting to get itchy and thinking that maybe it was time to move, more lucrative opportunities, shorter winters, etc. However, after doing the assessment, I realized that most of my needs are being met here and that I can use my current home as my "world headquarters" and continue to travel for fun and business....creating more work in warmer climates in the winter. Thanks for sharing your resources and wisdom.

Ingrid Bredenberg, President of Human Resource Innovations, Massachusetts


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