Relationships - Build successful relationships through effective communication

Career -
Find or enhance work you love, aligned with your values, gifts and passions

Cross-cultural –
Gain the comfort & confidence to successfully live & work in other cultures

Well-being -
Feel more present, balanced & vibrant in body, mind, heart & spirit

"Who we are is who we are, all over the place." - Susan Scott, author of "Fierce Conversations". We cannot separate our personal and professional lives. If we're struggling in one area of our lives, that will affect the other areas.

The following are examples of what we could work on together...

Rewarding Relationships:

-Elevate your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills

-Develop greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion

-Build strong relationships grounded in: Presence, Authenticity, Trust and Appreciation 

-Improve sales, client retention and collaboration

-Be congruent and authentic; willing to disappoint another to be true to yourself

-Communicate effectively to prevent misunderstandings and build a strong connection with others

-Bridge differences across cultures: National, social, regional, generational, professional, identity, etc.

-Engage openly and nonjudgmentally with others who have different beliefs and values than you


-Get clear on what you really want vs. what you think you want based on others' expectations

-Identify your key four to five core values that will serve as your North Compass

-Grow in self-awareness through various career assessments, including the MBTI

-Identify your unique gifts and what you truly love to do

-Create a vision and mission for any career or work you want  - the bigger "WHY"

-Get clear on what's negotiable and non-negotiable in your ideal work

-Learn a step-by-step process to transition to finding or creating work you love


-Develop awareness of your worldview and the worldview of others

-Learn key value differences between cultures and how to bridge any gaps

-Communicate effectively with someone from another culture

-Learn how to mitigate the stress of culture shock and help your family do the same

-Learn key differences to successfully live & work in another culture, including: Lifestyle, Doing Business, Everyday Life, Communication, etc.

-Learn what Repatriation adjustment is and how to prepare for it and manage it

-If you have children, understand the gifts and challenges inherent in being a "TCK" or Third Culture Kid and how to help them make the most of their host culture experience.


-Press the “pause” and “reset” buttons on your life to gain a more expanded perspective

-Develop mindfulness practices to be more peaceful, calm and present

-Learn how to nurture your body, mind, heart and spirit for increased resiliency and stamina

-Set healthy boundaries: Learn to say “No" kindly and firmly

-Hone your ability to see beauty and wisdom in ordinary everyday experiences 

-Let go of energy drains, and add energy boosters for easier, faster results

-Set yourself free from limited thinking and behaviors to achieve more than you believe is possible

-Learn practices to more easily create satisfaction and fulfillment in your work and life

Find the higher purpose behind any change or loss to transform pain into peace and purpose

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